Mustache Transplant

Mustache, which is one of the most important elements that enable men to reveal their own style, has a special place in Turkish society. The mustache, which is one of the most important accessories of men together with the beard, might not grow densely due to different factors, or might not grow at all. Although this situation can cause a lack of self-confidence and social problems in men, the problem can be eliminated permanently with the mustache transplantation method.

What is Mustache Transplantation?

Mustache transplantation is a procedure performed by planting hair follicles in the upper lip area of people who have lost or have never had hair on the upper lip area. In this way, a permanent solution is produced for the sparse, shed or damaged hairs in the upper lip area and the desired appearance of the mustache is achieved.

The low amount of mustache may be due to genetic reasons. In addition, as a result of some reasons that occur over time, the mustache may become sparse. Genetic factors, injuries, burns and diseases such as ringworm that can affect hair follicles can cause reductions in mustaches.

For Whom Is Mustache Transplantation Suitable?

Mustache transplantation is a procedure performed under local anesthesia. In the operation performed with the FUE technique, first of all, hair follicles are meticulously collected from the donor area. How much hair follicles need to be collected varies from person to person, but generally around 300-500 hair follicles are sufficient. The mustache transplantation operation is completed by planting the hair follicles, which are collected one by one and cleaned with a special method, into the opened channels.

How Is Mustache Transplantation Performed?

Mustache transplant procedure;

  • Thinning mustache,
  • Having the problem of cornering,
  • Mustache loss due to various reasons,
  • It can be applied to people who want to have denser mustache.

Before Mustache Transplantation

Before the mustache transplant operation is performed, the patient is examined and some tests are performed to determine suitability for the operation. In the light of this information, it is determined which technique will be applied, which donor area will be used and how many hair follicles are needed. In cases where the patient wants more hair follicles to be transplanted to have a denser mustache, the information that other follicles may not be planted in a healthy way and this is not the right step should be shared, and the patient should be guided in the right way.

Healing Process After Mustache Transplantation

After the mustache transplant operation, the donor area remains bandaged for 3 days, while the application area is left open. Mustache transplantation area should not be washed for 3 days. During the recovery period of about 10 days, crusting occurs in the hair follicles. After washing on the 3rd day, as the crusting starts to fall off gradually, the hair follicles heal slowly. Shock shedding may occur 2-3 weeks after the mustache transplant procedure. After the fourth month, the mustache starts to grow again and in the next period it enters the normal course of growth.

If the person is cornered, a single operation may not be enough. In this case, a new operation can be performed approximately 8-9 months after the transplanted roots settle into place.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mustache Transplantation

At what age is mustache transplantation done?

Although it is applied to people over the age of 21, since the adolescence and hormonal development of the person must be completed, individual evaluation can be made.

Is the result of mustache transplantation permanent?

The results are permanent together with the mustache that appears after the shock loss.

Is mustache transplantation a painful procedure?

O The operation is performed under local anesthesia. Therefore, the person does not feel pain.

Will there be any scars in the donor area after mustache transplantation?

No scars in the hairy area where the root is taken.

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