Porcelain Lamina

Having healthy, beautiful and bright teeth plays an extremely important role in increasing the self-confidence of people. Otherwise, it causes a lack of self-confidence. With the porcelain lamina method, which has been frequently applied recently, aesthetic concerns arising from the teeth can be eliminated and people can achieve better quality smiles. Getting the most effective results from the porcelain lamina method depends on the individual design of the dental prostheses to be applied according to the needs of the patient. In addition, due care should be taken to obtain a natural appearance.

What is Porcelain Lamina?

Porcelain lamina, also known as leaf porcelain, is specially prepared according to the fractures or deformations in the teeth and is applied by sticking to the front surfaces of the teeth. Since it is very close to the natural appearance of the tooth, it successfully eliminates concerns about aesthetic appearance. Porcelain lamina, which is one of the methods in which the healthy tooth tissue is lost to a minimum extent, has a thin but very durable structure.

Who Is Porcelain Lamina Suitable For?

porcelain laminate;

  • Separated front teeth
  • The presence of hereditary structure disorders in the teeth,
  • Restoration of worn or broken teeth,
  • Increasing the length of the teeth,
  • Correction of old fillings with deterioration in their structure or color,
  • Caries in the front teeth,
  • Curvature and crookedness of the teeth,
  • It can be applied in cases such as yellowing of the teeth.

How is Porcelain Lamina Made?

Before starting the porcelain lamina application, the patient's teeth should be examined in detail and x-rays should be taken if necessary. A model can be created with the measurement taken from the existing teeth, or a three-dimensional view of the teeth can be prepared with the help of computer technologies. In dental laboratories, veneers are prepared using these models or images.

After the patient's teeth are cleaned, the color of the veneers is determined. The enamel layer of the tooth is slightly abraded, allowing the coatings to adhere to the teeth easily and the measurement is taken again. When porcelain veneers are prepared, it may be preferable to temporarily place them for a few days and observe their compatibility before they are permanently attached to the patient's teeth. At the end of this period, if the dentist and the patient agree on the form and color of the veneers, the veneers are fixed with a special adhesive. It is hardened with light and the excess is cleaned and the teeth are polished.

Before Porcelain Lamina

Before the porcelain laminate application, the patient is examined in detail and all oral and dental health problems are examined. After the evaluations, the details of the procedures to be applied are determined.

Healing Process After Porcelain Lamina

After the porcelain laminate application, patients should stay away from extremely hot and extremely cold foods, beverages, and hard foods that stick to the teeth for at least 1 week. In the case of good oral hygiene, porcelain laminates can maintain their durability for a long time. For this, the teeth should be brushed regularly with a non-abrasive toothpaste, floss should be used twice a day, and mouthwash should be made after each tooth brushing.

Porcelain laminates are less likely to be stained. However, in order for them to last longer, acidic foods and beverages should not be consumed, and the consumption of tea, coffee and cigarettes should be limited. Being careful when consuming hard foods, protecting the teeth from damaging impacts and not removing the tearing process with the front teeth are among the important factors that prolong the life of the veneers. It is also recommended by doctors to use the night protective plate for people who have the habit of grinding or squeezing their teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Porcelain Lamina

Will porcelain laminate fall off?

Since it is attached with a special technique using special adhesives, it does not fall off.

What is the usage period of porcelain laminates?

Porcelain laminates can be used for many years if oral and dental health care is done regularly and completely.

Can porcelain lamina be applied to everyone?

Porcelain lamina cannot be applied to people whose lower jaw is too far forward and whose enamel tissue is insufficient.

How many sessions does porcelain laminate treatment take?

In cases where there is no need for treatment of the gums or an aesthetic intervention, it can be completed in 2-3 sessions, about 1 week.

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