Sedated Hair Transplantation/Painless Hair Transplantation

Hair loss is a common problem in both men and women. It occurs more frequently in men than in women. Since hair has a very important place in providing aesthetic beauty, hair loss can cause damage to one's self-confidence.

One of the most important factors that cause hair loss is stress. In addition, causes such as hormonal irregularity, use of certain drugs, genetic predisposition, malnutrition can also lead to hair loss.

What is Sedated Hair Transplantation/Painless Hair Transplantation?

Sedated hair transplantation, in other words, painless hair transplantation, can be expressed as the application of hair transplantation-related procedures together with special anesthetic drugs made from the arm. Sedation is a method of anesthesia used in many medical procedures. Sedated hair transplantation is one of the most commonly used hair transplantation methods, as it ensures that the patient is worry-free and pain-free during the hair transplantation operation. Since the patient is given a combination of analgesic and sedative drugs intravenously, a much more comfortable and painless hair transplant is performed compared to the procedures performed under local anesthesia.

For whom is Sedated Hair Transplantation/Painless Hair Transplantation Suitable?

Hair transplant procedure with sedation;

  • Afraid of needles,
  • Having a very low pain threshold,
  • Having a blood pressure or heart disease problem,
  • It can be applied to people who have anxiety disorder and fear of operation.

How is Sedated Hair Transplantation/Painless Hair Transplant Performed?

In the sedated hair transplant procedure, the analgesic active substance is injected intravenously at a dose suitable for the physical condition of the person. Although the person is conscious, he does not feel pain. Although the intravenous route is preferred more frequently, the administration of sedative drugs given by inhalation orally or through the nose may also be preferred.

In cases where intravenous administration will be made, vascular access is established with a catheter and sedative drugs are given to the patient through the catheter. The drug begins to act within 1-2 minutes. And during the operation, the patient's vascular access remains open. Depending on the degree of application of sedative drugs, there is a risk of impairing respiratory reflexes. Therefore, it is very important that the patient is hungry before the application. After the sedation is applied, the hair transplant operation is performed according to the technique to be used.

Before Hair Transplantation with Sedation/Painless Hair Transplantation

Before the sedated hair transplant, the patient is examined and the area to be transplanted and the technique to be used are determined. Since the procedure will be under sedation, the patient is reminded to have a fasting state of at least 6 hours and not to drink water.

Healing Process After Sedated Hair Transplantation/Painless Hair Transplantation

After the sedated hair transplant procedure, care should be taken to protect the transplanted area. The patient should not lie on his back in the week following the operation. The lotion and shampoo given by the doctor should be used while washing the hair for two weeks after the first wash. Do not use very hot or very cold water while washing the hair. Hair should not be dried with a towel, it should be dried with a hair dryer in a warm environment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sedated Hair Transplantation/Painless Hair Transplantation

Is hair transplantation with sedation a painful procedure?

Although the person is conscious during the procedure, he or she does not feel pain or pain due to the sedative drugs applied.

Is there an age limit for sedated hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation can be applied to people who are in good health and have completed their physical development. However, an individual evaluation should be made before the decision to implement is made.

Will my own hair be damaged in hair transplantation?

As long as the process is done by experts and experienced people, the person's own hair will not be damaged.

Is hair transplant application permanent?

In hair transplantation, roots are usually taken from the nape area, which is genetically coded not to spill. Therefore, the transplanted hair does not fall out.

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