Unshaven Hair Transplant

Hair loss, which is a problem experienced by both women and men, can be caused by stress, hormonal disorders, seasonal changes and iron deficiency. There are about 100 thousand hairs on a healthy scalp, and it is considered normal for adults to shed 100-150 hairs a day, depending on trauma and washing. In people with severe hair loss, hair transplantation can be done using different methods and the problem can be prevented.

Hair transplantation is one of the most preferred aesthetic applications today. Hair transplantation is done by transplanting the hair follicles taken from the hairy area extending from the upper border of the ears to the starting point of the neck, to the areas where shedding occurs.

Unshaven hair transplantation method is one of the effective methods that ensures that people who experience hair loss for different reasons have natural, lush and healthy hair. It is considered as a suitable method for people who do not want to be noticed that they have had a hair transplant and do not want their daily life to be interrupted during the hair transplant process, but who also want to renew their image.

What is Unshaven Hair Transplantation?

The unshaven hair transplantation method, which is frequently applied to people who do not want to have their hair cut completely and then wait for their hair to grow, provides the opportunity to return to business and social life immediately after the application.

Who Is Unshaven Hair Transplant Suitable For?

Unshaven hair transplantation method;

  • Those who have less opening in their hair, that is, they do not need a high number of grafts for hair transplantation,
  • No need for intermediate tightening,
  • It can be applied to people with sufficient donor area.

How is Unshaved Hair Transplant Performed?

In order to apply the unshaven hair transplantation method, the nape of the person is shaved in two horizontal strips with the thickness of one finger. Hair follicles are collected from the shaved area using the FUE technique. Then, sapphire is planted in areas where hair loss and thinning occur with the FUE technique. Since sapphire ore is in pen form, it allows very small areas, very frequent and small channels to be opened.

It is preferred to take the hair follicles from the areas where the hair will grow back strongly. When the hair is collected, they are not ready for planting because there is tissue in their roots. For this reason, first of all, the hair follicles should be cleaned and made ready for planting.

Before Unshaven Hair Transplant

Before unshaven hair transplantation, the use of smoking, alcohol and blood thinners should be stopped. If the person has a chronic disease and regular drug use, the doctor should be informed. One month before the operation, products such as creams, lotions and sprays should not be applied to the scalp and hair. Hair should be clean on the day of the operation. In addition, there should not be any styling and hardening products on the hair.

Healing Process After Unshaven Hair Transplant

In order to experience a healthy and fast recovery process after the unshaven hair transplant operation, attention should be paid to the points in question in other methods. The doctor's recommendations regarding hair care and protection should be followed completely. After the operation, the transplanted hair begins to grow naturally and in three months. Although there is a noticeable difference in the sixth month, a year is needed to observe the main results.

After the unshaven hair transplant operation, the patient should lie in a slightly upright position for 3 days and should not scratch the application area.

Frequently Asked Questions About Unshaven Hair Transplant

Can unshaven hair transplantation be performed on women?

It can be applied to anyone, male or female, who does not have an obstacle to the application.

What are the prices of unshaven hair transplantation?

Unshaven hair transplant prices may vary depending on the number of grafts to be used, the materials and the area to be transplanted. For this reason, it is recommended to obtain price information after the inspection.

Is hair transplantation harmful?

There is no harm if the operation is performed by experts in the field under hygienic conditions.

How long does the hair transplant operation take?

The duration may vary depending on the technique applied, the number of hair follicles needed and some factors.

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