Zirconium Treatment

Dental veneer treatment provides more useful and practical solutions without the need for tiring and costly procedures such as prosthesis instead of extracted teeth or tooth damage. Veneer methods make it very easy to have healthy teeth. It is possible to cover the teeth that cause dissatisfaction for aesthetic reasons and ensure that the patient has the desired teeth, and it is also possible to cover the teeth that have lost material due to various reasons with tooth-shaped materials. Such procedures ensure the longevity of the teeth and do not cause any harm to the teeth.

Depending on aging, teeth may lose their durability and whiteness. Fractures and bruises in the teeth are the biggest cause of deterioration of oral health. Aesthetic dentistry practices are very effective in regaining the old health and appearance of the teeth in such cases.

What is Zirconium Treatment?

Using zirconium, which is an extremely durable material, is a frequently used method to cover tooth surfaces. Due to its white color, durability and light transmittance, zirconium, which enables aesthetic prosthesis treatments in dental treatments, is highly preferred. Although the zirconium tooth coating method is generally used in the restoration of decayed teeth, it can also be preferred by people who want to have white teeth and an aesthetic smile. Zirconium tooth coating, which can be used on both anterior and posterior teeth, provides an extremely aesthetic appearance on anterior teeth. In cases where it is used on the back teeth, it creates an integrity in terms of strength.

Who Is Zirconium Treatment Suitable For?

Zirconium treatment;

  • In the restoration of teeth with excessive substance loss,
  • In advanced color changes that cannot be achieved with bleaching methods,
  • In old fillings whose structure has deteriorated,
  • In bridges or veneers on posterior group teeth,
  • In split or slightly crooked and turned teeth,
  • In anterior group implant prostheses,
  • It can be used in smile aesthetic applications.

How is Zirconium Treatment Done?

In order to obtain successful and aesthetically good results from the zirconium treatment, it is very important that the patient does not have any problems in the gum health. If there is a gingival problem, this condition is first treated and evaluated aesthetically after recovery. If the patient's smile line is high, necessary leveling can be done from the gingival lengths. When the necessary arrangements and treatments are completed in the teeth, measurements are taken using special impression materials. According to the measurements taken, the teeth are cut and the three-dimensional structure of the teeth is transferred to the computer using scanners. Using the system called CAD CAM, zircon blocks are prepared and the infrastructure of the teeth is created. After firing, porcelains of appropriate color are added on the substructures. If no problems are detected in the infrastructure rehearsals, the veneers are fixed on the tooth after the final arrangements.

Before Zirconium Treatment

Before starting zirconium treatment, the patient's oral and dental health should be carefully evaluated. If any problems are detected, they should be treated first. The treatment to be applied should be planned by evaluating the needs and expectations of the patient.

Recovery Process After Zirconium Treatment

If there are medications given by the doctor after the zirconium treatment, they should be used regularly and the doctor's recommendations should be followed completely. Extremely hot and extremely cold foods and drinks should not be consumed, sticky and hard foods should be avoided. It is normal for patients to experience adaptation problems in the first period after the end of the treatment, and this situation improves in a short time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Zirconium Treatment

Can zirconium teeth be applied to those with gum disease?

It can be applied after gum disease is treated.

How much substance is lost in the teeth during zirconium treatment?

Shaving is done about 1-2 mm from the tooth surface.

How long can zirconium veneers be used?

They can be used for many years if regular maintenance and controls are made.

Does zirconium teeth change color?

Zirconium teeth do not cause plaque accumulation due to its structure. Since they are not affected by colorants such as tea and coffee, their colors remain stable.

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